About us

Our Team History

Our team has come a long way since its founding decades ago, with a lot of growth and success developing over the past years. For example, as of the 2023 regional tournament, we have placed 1st at regionals for 12 years in a row; we have been 1st a total of 19 times. We have also currently qualified for the national tournament twice: once in 1986 and then later in 2023. Follow the timeline to see the progress our club has taken.


Our club was first established in 1986. We placed 1st at regionals and 2nd at states, allowing our team to become one of the first ever to qualify for the national tournament.


Our team placed 4th at the state tournament, missing by just two places and failing to qualify for the national tournament at Grand Valley State.


One of the closest times our team has ever gotten to qualifying for the national tournament at the University of Central Florida. We placed 3rd overall at states. 2012 also marks the beginning of our 1st place streak at regionals.


For the first time in decades, we qualified for the national tournament in Kansas. This is also the first ever time that we placed 1st at the state tournament. At nationals we managed to place 12th and win the Corteva Enterprise Award for our rise to success!


Let's see what the new season has in store for us!

Meet the 2023-2024 Captains!

Darius Fan

Hello! I love engineering and designing contraptions, and I enjoy building catapults, cars, and sensors as part of the Science Olympiad team. Apart from SciOly, I love programming and robotics. I am a competitive sailor and a piano performer as well.

Blesson Ren

Hey all, I've dabbled in a variety of SciOly events, but I mainly do physics and build events. I enjoy singing, playing piano, and playing badminton.

Sophia Deligiannidis

Hi there! I am the official vlogger of the Syosset Science Olympiad team and I'm interested in psychology, chemistry, and earth science! Outside of SciOly I am a long distance XCTF runner, painter, social science researcher, and I speak 3 languages!

Alex Chen

Hi! I enjoy the events Astronomy, Forensics, and Experimental Design. I love drinking bubble tea and eating hot pot. Outside of SciOly, I do martial arts!

Brenton Lee

Hello everyone! I'm the website designer with scientific interests in neuroscience, cellular biology, and forensics science. Besides Science Olympiad, I am also an avid sprinter on the Track and Field team as well as a writer in my free time.